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Together with FreddyK we made this Last Chance Blues

I Made the music and plays the Guitar and FreddyK`s fantastic voice and lyrics made this into the form it has now :)

Lyrics by FreddyK:

All is well - But is this heaven or hell
It`s time to drop your gold - Into the wising well.

You got one last chance - To do the right thing. Mother earth is crying out Oh hear the pain as it rings out.

Can you remember, remember a time when the earth was pure Like our state of mind.
Then we where one, with the moon and sun, with a spirit proud, for the days to come.

For our survival, we took from the land with a grateful soul, saw the rise of man.
Can you envision, envision a time when the heart of all-will see wee crossed the line.

I see a vision of a perfect world only in a dream - Has this flag unfurled the wisdom of the prophet - Will spread the news of fate of mankind - of the last chance blues.

Posted 1 year ago
Owned by Tor-Bjarne Henriksen



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