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Tony Mancera is a Mexican DJ Electronic/Trance producer and Sound Designer hailing from Mexico City. A city full of culture and social wealth, Mancera is able to find constant inspiration for his music, from the people of the city to its architecture and history.

From a young age, Tony Mancera had an attraction to electronic music, and he was creating his own basic productions by the age of 17. Due to a tough economy however, he had to put his music career on hold. A decade later at 27, he found himself back on his feet and able to restart his music career. He began studying electronic music at various schools in Mexico and London where he learned to play piano and guitar.

Today, Tony Mancera produces electro house, progressive house and trance music, but he gains inspiration from everything around him.

Tony Mancera cites his main musical influences as Kraftwerk, Tiesto (whom he has opened for), Above and Beyond and BT, but his way of communicating stories through his electronic music is what separates him from other producers.

Tony Mancera continues to create original tracks as well as his popular Beatmood mixes, and his passion for making people feel something with his music is sure to make him a staple in electronic dance music culture all over the world.


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