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This started off as a mess around project until I came across the brass section riff and then I simply had to use it and transform it into a rave sort of track. Felt the EDM groove, the instrumentals kept expanding in number and positioning until I had a full structure but I didnt have lyrics except for the B section where I had to put ‘I feel it all coming back to me’ because it felt goooood and it challenged my vocals. I also experimented with harmonies and the only thing thats not clean about the vocals is the reverb plug-ins! Hugely happy with how it has ended up as it has been the main ground of my mixing experimentation over the course of the last few months, and it was very fun as it has so much going on especially towards the end.. Which according to SKIO you wont even be able to hear .-. I’ve been mixing for just over a year and a half… a lot of inspiration for the sound comes from 80s funk and the way some mixing is done in MJ tracks… although not many can produce like Quincy! So it is that.. combined with a general sum up of EDM! Just seen that SKIO only gives out 90 seconds of the song but if you look up on YouTube - > Toma Shah ‘I feel it all’ <  , it should be there! Hope you like:)

Posted 2 years ago
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