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Egyptian House:

If this was a job interview and the interviewers said, “Why should we choose your song?” Then I would reply:

My idea is a million-dollar idea that takes the eternal and tested meme of Egypt and turns it into a banger. If you remix my song, add a delicious vocal and or rap, master it, then you can make an awesome music video, as follows:

The idea I have for the song is about a man who commits a crime, dies, and then enters the underworld. There he is sentenced to the second death, but as he is about to be devoured by the beast, his heart, which is laying on the scales of justice, is so frightened that it makes this comic beat that suddenly makes everyone dance. The song ends with the gods above and below, the king and the people dancing. This is how the great pyramid was built, lol! The music makes pyramid building a breeze ;-)

My idea spawned from this video: Ani (Any) in the judgment hall https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gfhBqit0Tk

(I wouldn’t add the lol and the winky face in an actual interview, though.)

This track was mixed by me and mastered by Landr. Landr charges 19.99, but the pro master I am looking for costs 150! But it sounds great, though! Note that this song could sound much better with a great master. However, Landr is a great option! It’s actually quite good :-)

Posted 4 months ago
Owned by Thor Fabian Pettersen


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JP Lantieri 3 months ago

That's an epic track! I really feel like watching a Hollywood film about a story in the ancient Egypt, or based on the story imagined by the composer here above. This track tells a story, and that's one of the secrets to making great tracks like this one.

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Thor Fabian Pettersen 3 months ago

Thanks for the awesome comment! I love your stuff also, and I hope to become as good as you one day :-)

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