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The Demons of the Past
Poem by Thor Fabian Pettersen

Note: You need to whisper the poem. Or maybe someone can sing it!

Do you feel them, beneath your skin?
They’re the ashes - of your great sin.
Some fear the demons of the past.
You thought your troubles had but passed.

Hell is a place that lies within.
They are the ghosts. They are the djinn.
Behold the demons of the past.
Their blades are strong. Their armies: vast.

It is - as it has always been.
You know Yang. And now, you know Yin.
Here come the demons of the past.
They’re angry. And they travel fast.

Now the end prepares to begin.
Though you can fight, you cannot win.
They are the demons of the past.
And now they’ve come for you - at last.

About the song: This song is the sum of two years of music making on my computer. This song is mixed and mastered by me. That is, it can get better. And I haven’t tested my song on multiple systems, so I do not know if it translates well.

Posted 7 months ago
Owned by Thor Fabian Pettersen


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DeliveryMan 7 months ago

Great job. Love it. 👍😎

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Thor Fabian Pettersen 7 months ago

TY! Maybe in the future I am good enough so that we can make a track together? I would grow so much from such an experience.

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Max Madd 7 months ago

Hey Thor, I just liked your entry ! Make sure to follow my Instagram 📲 and Soundcloud 📡: @maxmaddmusic Good luck in the contest ! 📀

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Thor Fabian Pettersen 7 months ago


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