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Thor Fabian Pettersen

Trysil, Norway

Classical, Hardstyle, Progressive House


I am truly passionate when it comes to music, and I want it to become my job in the future. I am 34 years old. And I have a son. I live in Norway. I am also interested in philosophy: More about me: I started my music making back when I was 23. I started at the piano and eventually made some songs. All self-taught. Then, when I was 31, I discovered FL Studio. A friend from work showed it to me. I am now 34, which means I am an apprentice in this digital world. My music is more like a parody of music at this point. But it is fun to do nevertheless. I recently watched Buuren’s Masterclass and I thought to myself, “What the hell are you doing making music?!” I will be a tired, old man before I reach that level! These guys are pro! The rule of thumb is 10 000 hours if you want to be a master. I am far away! So, in order to speed up my learning process and “cheat” a bit, I want to know if one of you guys will team up with me and make a track together. We could both learn new things. Just send me an email at

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