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Sousse, Tunisia

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The OMIM, Trance Dj/Producer/Guitar player from Tunisia

After 15 years composing,performing live in a progressive metal band and named as one of the best guitar players and shredders in Tunisia, The Omim discovered the electronic music and started exploring this world of electronic sounds.

At his young age,The Omim started learning and playing music (Piano,guitars,bass,drums) alone as an autodidact, he started following many well known artists such as Aphex Twin, Shpongle, Radiohead, Jean Michel Jarre...and many well known metal bands that gaves him all his influences.

"Always focusing on melodies". That's the rule number one for The Omim and his compositions."I love all kinds of Trance msucic,when i'm in my little home studio,composing,mixing or just listening to some tracks,i'm travelling in another world. A world of goosebumps,peaceful minds...I'm always looking for a sound that keeps me dreaming and beats that keeps me bouncing even on a chair".

Nowadays, The Omim tracks and mixes hits many plays,comments and shares from all around the world and he's followed by many famous dj's,record labels and festivals.

Showcase tracks

It's with an absolute joy that i'm sharing this big news with you. "The Dome" is finally out and released by Free Access (Exia Recordings). I'm always trying to tell a story in my tracks and for this one, i've imagined a woman stucked and starts discovering a new world inside the Dome... Now, you can grab your copy and welcome to send me your feedbacks. Grab it here : Stay connected for more news about my future track with Azura Recordings.

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