T Will is an contemporary r&b artist // producer from Tulsa,OK . Started making music and dropped his first mixtape at the age of 15 on HNHH which gave him some buzz soon after . There was more he wanted to do musically so he started producing working with FL Studio & Ableton Live to take his productions to a new level . Other than producing his own original music he has some collaborations with other producers such as GERM, Malacroix, Dylan King, etc . His aim is to make music that hits home for people that love r&b music and late night vibes as well as just kicking it with friends having a good time .


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Here's the first track from the "Pink Lemonade" beat series. These tracks are intended to explore my production side of me as I deliver you high quality content of UK Bass, Trap, EDM, R&B, Downtempo, & more genres of beats for you to jam.

Track 4 of Enigma Dreams Album

Track 6 of Enigma Dreams Album

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The Loft. & GERM's first collaboration from an upcoming collaboration ep which is in the works from both. Support the heavy vibes that's provided.

Listen to this when you get home from a bar. We all know that one person that does this.

Just something light I wanted to throw out there. Shouts to Malacroix for the vibes.. lostlessheart@gmail.com to contact me

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