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Funchal Madeira, Portugal


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Portuguese Renato "Pitxé" Pereira was born in the Madeira island where he takes his first moves on vinyl, "stealing" pearls from his grandfather and making collages from vinyl to vinyl, tape to tape and vice versa, creating his first remixes at the tender age of 8. At age 12, he had his first experience as a DJ at a birthday party which led him to school proms. Throughout the process he always remained active in the production of electronic music releasing four EP's in Independent and free download. 2012 graduated in deejay at D-Unit Studio. Have Played in some of the best Island Clubs: Living Room ; Garden(Casino da Madeira) ; Studio Club & School Proms Also released E.P´s & Singles by Movon Records / To Be Records.
In 2013 create Quarto Mágico Rec. the first Record Label in Madeira Island. Since then he is focusing all his concentration in production of electronic music and his sets bounce through Deep-House, Techno and Tech-House. An assumed unsatisfied, he never ends his pursuit of good music and perfection, giving much value to the past but always updated about the present. Re-education through music is what it’s all about.

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