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From the 'get go' I set out to create a remix The Chainsmokers could use on their World War Joy tour that they are currently performing. After seeing them live & watching all their recent performances online i decided to go with a style that personally i really enjoy live and that reflects the energy of the WWJ tour. Once I had settled on a genre i decided that a single drop would be the way forward as its common for TCS to follow the live mix structure of Original song>remix>remix.
Knowing this i decided to start the verse with a bit of contrast to the drop allowing the crowd a rest from the song previous.

I decided to drop a PSY section into the drop as a 'Shock' factor to increase the pace and wow the crowds.

I have also created an "Extended Mix" version with a mixable intro and outro, but for the sake of the upload and ears of the A&R's that listen to these i decided to cut it out but would be more than happy to provide it should it be requested.

I appreciate you listening to my remix and i welcome any and all feedback!

OHm <3

Posted 6 months ago
Owned by The Chainsmokers


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FatherHard 6 months ago

Awesomeeee nice job!!! I vote for you Bro , the drop Is on fire


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