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The Land of Lu

Seattle, United States

The Land of Lu

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Aural Stories from Netherworld

My music is not your usual fare... I'm a classically trained pianist and composer, thus I approach music from that perspective. To me, a piece of music is akin to 4-course meal - the different flavours and textures, the respite between each course to cleanse the palate, a journey through depth and spices. My compositions tend to be longer and ask a bit more of the listener... we all survive in this rapidly paced culture of instant acquisition. I personally don't follow that mind frame. For you I ask to slow down, take a moment and relax.... savour the cuisine... "it's the flavour that holds the memory"...


Composing, Editing, Mastering, Mixing, Piano, Remixing, Songwriting

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Composer. Mindset - Hate, War, Intolerance. Two tribes - Religion / The LGBTQI community. Location - suburban neighbourhood. Gay couple moves in. People are happy. The end up destroying the entire neighbourhood to validate their hatred of this new gay couple. Ends with two people standing, facing each other, covered in blood. Who really wins in the end?

Composer. Mindset - What do you Covet? What do you Crave? Who do you Covet? What lengths would go to in order to acquire them? What would you do once you had them? Love them, torture them, worship them, pleasure them, destroy them? We all covet someone... envy can lead to either nirvana or jail....

Composer. Mindset - Oneiros means Dreams in Greek. This was a sound collage built of many different audio snippets I found.