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Tyler Davis (known professionally as TYE, stylized as T¥E) is a 22 year old Willingboro, New Jersey native, who has loved Hip Hop music since his older cousin introduced him to the genre at the age of nine. Right after he heard Kanye West for the first time, he has since had a strong desire to produce quality rhymes and songs, and thus began pursuing his dream.

T¥E has be diligently working on his first official full length album, whose release date is currently undecided. Yet, assures us that this will be his most complex and memorable project to date. He is always immersing himself in Hip Hop music, progressing and learning as much as he can about all aspects of the genre. Although his debut hasn’t dropped yet, T¥E continues to participate in open mic nights, beat showcases, and music showcases all throughout the U.S. Not only does he emcee and focus on perfecting his rhymes, he also assists in the development of some local artists’ projects (i.e. producing, recording, mixing, and/or mastering songs), as well. PR is also in the works to come up with a strong marketing and promotion campaign, to reach a larger demographic with his debut solo album.

T¥E is taking his time to perfect all of his crafts, and because he is in the beginning stages of his music career, he hasn’t received as much recognition as he has wanted. Yet, he has been featured on the Discover Good Music blog, Definition of Fresh blog, and has gotten into the Indie Hip Hop’s: The Dopest Hip Hop You’ve Never Heard blog playlist on SoundCloud in October of 2014. All of whom have applauded his attention to detail and the progression of his lyrics, flow and song structure. Julie Stevens, the founder of the Discover Good Music blog has been a major supporter of T¥E’s vision and music capabilities. Julie has described his music to be: “progressive, all encompassing, and better and better as he puts out each new song” .

With influences from Kanye West, Jay Z, Run DMC, A Tribe Called Quest, Pharrell Williams, Nas, Dr. Dre, Timbaland and Biggie Smalls, just to name a few. We can only wonder when it will be T¥E's time to forge history, just like his fellow predecessors that have come
before him.


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On this record, I played the audio engineer role. I recorded, mixed, as well as mastered MJM's vocals.

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