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this was a very difficult remix. i didnt think that anything i would do to the track would be as good as the original. because of this, i decided that i would focus on making a dub mix, a la walter gibbons, francoise k, trevor horn, lee perry, augustus pablo, etc. etc. etc.

musically, i didnt really change anything in this track. there wasnt a need. its a really good track already. i changed some rhythms here or there, i changed some lyrics to make them more in line with my style. i tried to add a sort of swing to some of the vocals. i omitted the strings, because they changed the mood of the song in a manner that was incompatible with the mood i was trying to inject. most of the changes i made are in the mixdown.

sonically, i tried to imagine what it would be like if rick owens made dub. perhaps by distressing, stretching, and damaging the track with the effects, i could achieve a different sort of version of dub. i dont know whether or not i achieved this sort of effect, but i definitely think the track is at least interesting.

i am honestly just pleased that i could come up with something worthy enough to submit.

Posted 1 year ago
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