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just tried to do something a bit different than your average club ready big room sort of remix.

the part of the track that felt the most interesting was the vocal buss. the way things were layered in space. i tried to accent this first and foremost. i found through trial and error that going for this sort of ballad-y feel was the best approach for me. i was trying to make something that bill evans might have made had he scored a horror movie soundtrack. it kind of sounds like the mars volta or chiodos at times, which i found exciting.

i wanted the song to feel properly dark. considering all of the references to a clockwork orange, i felt it could use something with a little more sinister and unsettling. timing and dissonance are intentionally included in order to achieve this mood. in order to get the strange timing effect, i would highlight a series notes on the piano roll, stretch them, and then lengthen or shorten the last notes in the phrase to make the fit the phrase length. whether or not this is optimally effective on this track i am unsure, but i will be pursuing this idea further in future tracks.

Posted 12 months ago
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