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London, United Kingdom

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Just that specialist ready to make all the money you might or might not own.

Im Angelo Geovetti Teixeira. Portuguese, South-african, german, italian and even angolan. i love being mixed becasue i have so much culture to catch up on. But to be honest i got more work in music to get finished. i wanna get signed by a label one day big up on the scale or not a label is a label and will always have a special fan base that u can "ponce" off of lol or in my words "advance" with. Im from the uk but i dont do grime its more my flow type music which is almost american soul LOL. gimme a look.

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its kirko bangz instrumental but i had to mix it about 4-5 years ago. in school at studio. dont judge it was a quick rough take and i was young but corrupt pc, i made a couple errors... come awwwnnn.