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Syruss Winning

Victoria, Canada


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Makin bass music is my passion

Fell in love with bass music about 4 years ago, i just recently moved to Victoria and started producing.  It went from a hobby to ... this is what i need and want to do for the rest of my life!! Im sure you all feel me haha Im learning how to become a mastering engineer! All my tracks as you might notice, ive mastered myself!! So ya im Syruss Winning and i hope you guys like my music! AND i want to hear from all of you!! So hit me up on Soundcloud,Facebook ( Syruss Winning ) Or email me at CHEERS EVERYONE


DJing, Mastering, Mixing, Producing

Showcase tracks

little tune i made!! hope you guys like it!!

my second remix!! hope you guys like it

This is a remix of Rickyxsan and Dirty Audios bangin tune "Gettin That" that ive been workin on! The track they did is absolutley bonkers!!! you can check it out here Maddecent – Dirty-audio-rickyxsan-gettin-that but here is my remix! hope you guys like it!