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Synthetic Alkaloid

johannesburg/CapeTown, South Africa


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Psytrance Music Dj/Producer

The passion and dedication to the genre Psytrance began in 2003. Firstly on the dance floor, then as DJ Trip and now, coming into his own, a Psytrance music producer. Based in the concrete jungle of Johannesburg, South Africa he made his mark as a DJ and following an intense course in Cubase SX 3, under the tutelage of Frozen Ghost and Hiyarant of Disaster Piece Records in 2008, he has forged his own unique style and sound.
Exposure to heavy metal, rock, alternative punk, classical, jazz and electronic music has brought a depth and diversity to Synthetic Alkaloid’s special blend of psytrance music production.
With his tweaky synths, groovy melodic atmospheric leads, driving percussion and his thunderous base lines he brings a dark and twisted dementia to the psyche and whips dance floors into a frenzy.

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