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Pretoria, South Africa


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About Swizzle

Swanky Swizzle is a Hip-Hop recording artist originally from Zimbabwe. He is versatile to hop on any kind of song in any genre and fit in though.

Born Tatenda Mapingire, Swanky Swizzle is a gifted Rapper and Producer who has been in the Industry for almost a decade. For any kind of assistance, collaborations, project or anything feel free to get in touch and create magic with him.

Showcase tracks

It's the remixed performance of Dr. Dre's Deep Waters. Mixed and Mastered by Swanky Swizzle

This is a song dedicated to all those who going out everyday to get what they want to get no matter the circumstances and know that they gon make it one way or the other. Mixed and mastered by Swanky Swizzle this song also features Dianne a Vocalist from Swanky Swizzle's U Banks Stable.