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I don't have a record label :(

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Hi i make music XD! Enjoy my songs and don't forget to show your support by sharing my music, liking my songs on sound cloud and commenting on them!

▼Hey! My name is Suppx and this is a little introduction about me:▼

Suppex is a DJ/producer he makes Insane electronic music ranging in genres. Suppex has been around for 2 years. Over that period he has made some awesome songs including ones that aren't even out yet! 'Suppex' has made a name for himself as a very talented person who has bags full of potential.
His main interest is Tropical House!
Looking for some unreleased music click my face book link:

250 Followers hit 23.3.16 1/4 of the way to 1k Thank you all
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Showcase tracks

♒♒♒♒ Hey Guys,  ♒♒♒♒ Here's my latest song Mango Shuttle hope you enjoy! I had a lot of fun with this track with its amazing variations in sound flows together amazingly i'm really happy with the outcome! Anyway i will be releasing and EP in the upcoming weeks. Anyway thanks for all the support its incredible!  ♒♒♒♒ Stay Fresh Suppex