Superset is a duo from Ljubljana, consisting of Janez Kocjan, a student at the Faculty of electronics at the University of Ljubljana, and the 10 years older Janez Igličar, a fitness trainer by profession, also known as DJ Igla.
Superset came into existence in 2016, but the older half, DJ Igla, had quite rich DJ career before the duo started collaborating. He began his musical journey in 2005, when he studied playing music at a course under the tutelage of the exceptional DJ Maj from Ljubljana. From then on, he has showcased his knowledge and skills on many and clubs and at various events in Slovenia and abroad.
At first his passion was techno music, played from vinyl, later his interest took him into more commercial straits. He played in clubs like Klub Lipa, Klub Top Six, Cirkus, F-Club, Fun Factory, In box, Bachus, K4, Klub Ultra and many other smaller venues. He also put his audience to life at events like Bruc 2011 with (Funkerman, Beltek, Mike Vale), Collegium Clubing: Carnival With Freemasons, Beach n Nite in Ptuj, Ceu ŠOU z Dj Umekom, and Absolvent Zakintos 2011.


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