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Inspired by labels like Visions, Eatbrain and Critical, ‘Neuro Bass Codex’ has all the dark and punishing neurofunk sounds your track needs to raise it’s intensity. With over 150 royalty free samples, this is a complete toolkit with everything you need to help your next Drum & Bass or hybrid track leave a mark.

Volume 2 is all about the fast and furious techno-noir aesthetic of Neurofunk D&B. The drums are laser fast and slam hard, and every hit punches with energy. There’s also an array of top-loops, shakers and percussion, to keep the edges of your drum mix intricate and full.

KONKA delivers the filthy sound design you've been looking for, with a selection of growling shots, dark textures, and thick bass that can easily serve as the bed of your mix. There's also plenty of techy synths to fit over all that bass along with transitions, foley, deep impacts, and some panic educing siren effects, giving you the right components to tie your arrangement together.

There’s more than enough one shots or full loops to get the ball rolling fast, while there’s so many creative options to support your groove and bring your productions up a few levels.

Have fun with this one!

Neuro Bass Codex Vol. 2 made by Kevin Madden / KONKA

Posted 8 months ago
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Samples (150)

Drums 53 Bass 44 FX 27 Synths 16 SFX 11 Pads 10 Basslines 10 Percussion 10 Drum Tops 10 Cymbals 8 Sweeps and Risers 7 Drum Fills 5 Jungle Breaks 5 Shakers 5 Hi Hats 5 Kicks 5 Sirens 5 Snares 5 Impacts 4 Toms 3 Full Drums 2 Crashes 2 Rides 1

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