About this Sample Pack

If you love thick bass, punchy drums or gritty and distorted energy, this sample pack is for you! Brilliantly crafted by KONKA, and inspired by producers who are pushing design to the limit, like Deadmau5, REZZ, Sumthin Sumthin and others, Filthy Sound Academy is what you need if you want a sound no one else has.

FSA Vol. 2 is packed with insane design, pushing sounds to and beyond their limit of breaking until all that’s left if ragged are distorted yet beautiful harmonics. The nasty bass design is wild and loud. The aesthetics are pure distortion with nothing holding back. Waveforms folding and clipping till new harmonics are born, these sounds will inspire listeners to grimace in disgust. The cranked leads are just as loud, while care was spent to ensure they’re never clipping, piercing, or overbearing. With 150 ear shattering samples, this pack is sure to help take your tracks to the next dimension.
The drum shots and loops are all about that rumble and shake as meters overload and break down. And the FX are wild, trashy and experimental, broken glitches, crispy textures, smashed impacts and wailing sirens, perfect for this nasty pack.

Filthy Sound Academy Vol. 2 made by KONKA

Posted 8 months ago
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Samples (150)

Drums 56 FX 49 Bass 35 Glitches 15 Kicks 15 Snares 15 Synths 10 Leads 10 SFX 10 Textures 9 Impacts 8 Sirens 7 Toms 6 Drum Tops 5 Breaks 5 Full Drums 5 Drum Fills 5 Percussion 5

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