About this Sample Pack

If you love making filthy distorted and heavy Bass Music, this pack is sure to give your production the extra overdrive and it needs! Originally inspired by the likes of Virtual Riot, Zomboy, Must Die, Svdden Death, and Excision, this pack isn’t just for bangin 75bpm - 150bpm dubstep, it also works great for hard electro, midtempo, and even drum & bass.

With 150 hard-hitting royalty free samples and loops, all the sounds have been recorded from scratch and are labeled with the proper key and bpm to help speed up your workflow. It’s filled with cut throat sounds like: super heavy preprocessed drums, thick basses, distorted synths and quick vocal cuts to create that ideal heavy bass track that’s sure to get a crowd head banging.

Have fun and get nasty with these!

Critical Dubstep & Bass Vol. 2 made by Alex Walsh

Posted 8 months ago
Profile Picture Owned by Sub Society


Samples (150)

Drums 89 Kicks 53 Percussion 21 Vocals 20 Bass 15 FX 14 Snares 10 Synths 9 Basslines 6 Melodies 6 Sweeps and Risers 6 Drum Tops 5 SFX 3 Full Drums 3 Impacts 3 Textures 2 Chords 2 Cymbals 2 Hi Hats 2 Sub Bass 2 Organs 1

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