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Chicago, United States

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DJ/Producer specializing in all things BASS

I am a voice for the voiceless, a protector of the weak, empower-er of the powerless, and a light at the end of a dark tunnel. I am eyes for those who can't see, and a mouth for those who can't speak. I fear nothing, for I have nothing to fear. I am a beacon of reason in a violent sea that is our world, and though I am a mystery, I am within all of you, just as all of you are within me.



Acoustic Guitar, Composing, DJing, Drum Programming, Electric Guitar, Piano

Showcase tracks

Original tune featuring samples from one of my favorite shows "Stranger Things," humorously titled "Stranguh Things"

Original production going toe to toe with some good old Of Mice & Men

My Debut EP (out now)