Float (STORYBOARDS remix)

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D maj
120 bpm
D maj
120 bpm

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Switchfoot - Float

by Vanguard Records

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About this Remix

This is my remix of Switchfoot's "Float!" Switchfoot has been my favorite band for most of my life and I had such a great time remixing this track. Everything in this track except the vocal and a few bass guitar riffs are all original, created by me! It's got a very pop-driven tropical house feel. Thanks for listening!

Posted 1 year ago
Owned by Vanguard Records

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Jordan "DJ Swivel" Young 1 year ago

Great euphoric vibe. I like this! My only comment is the vocal is starting 1/4 note later than it should in the verses. I'm sure that was intentional, but I think it would feel better if you move it back to starting on the 1.

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ORU 1 year ago

So far, I think this is easily the best remix that's been posted. Love the style, the sound design is wonderful! Super catchy and upbeat. There's a few small places where the vocal melody doesn't quite go with the chords, but other than that, this track is incredible! Great work man. :)


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