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Coventry, United Kingdom


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Producer and Musician with one goal to save the world little by little.

Hi my name is Aaron also know as Stereobrow, i'm from the UK in a little city called Coventry. i've been passionate about listening and making music since the age of 7, when my Father bought me my first keyboard. I played and played and played an then wanted to push my knowledge of music further and eventually, my goal is to pretty much save the world, free housing to homeless around the world, free healthy food that is grown freely on our planet and stop suffering and anger.
I am a man of peace and reconciliation, i do not care much for money i've have been made homeless for the path i choose which is music, and i still continue to this very day until the day i die, to at least make the littlest change for the good of this world and bring balance and hope to all those who lost it. Peace :)


Drum Programming, Mixing, Percussion, Piano, Producing, Recording, Remixing, Singing

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This is a Drum and bass track recently featured on my album this year.