Real name is Darien Justin Fisher but You Can Call me Staxx.


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I was born and raised til' 8 years of age in Los Angeles, South central, on 51st Pl. along with my mother and grandparents after my mother's divorce. In finding some else new I was brought to move to Fontana and then soon after that, Rancho Cucamonga. I didn't start getting into music until my late Junior year in Highschool. Piano as my first Instrument, then ukulele, and now guitar. In Late 2015 I downloaded fl studio 12 and started producing my own beats, simply because i don't want to have to depend on anybody else and run into issues that shouldn't matter.
I write, I sing, I play, I produce all of my own music. I have to do this because I don't want to depend on others for the sound that I should be molding and creating. Staxx came from my nickname my Big Homie Chris Hawks gave me "Dstacks." I changed it a bit to staxx a subtle deeper meaning. It means Stacks of knowledge without the priority of paper. Staxx is all about loving your fellow human beings no matter what, and getting common sense through peoples heads.


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A Concise story of the little problems of my life. - Staxx

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Real name is Darien Justin Fisher but You Can Call me Staxx.