A producer hailing from India. My greatest inspirations range from Bach, Mozart,Beethoven to modern day Alexandre Desplat, Hans Zimmer. I got into EDM music production of all because of one person I'd like to credit that being Armin Van Buuren, he is one of the reasons that couldn't resisting from pulling me in this Dance music scene. I shall be ever grateful to the internet being my first and forever mentor.


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Welcome to my YouTube page. I hope you have an amazing experience here. I gladly thank my team to help me create awesome videos which bring the music so much to life. Don't forget to subscribe!

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It's a playlist consisting of my original mixes. I cater to not one but many sub-genres of electronic music. You can also find my remixes and mashups and reworks I've made so far exclusively under a creative license consent. https://soundcloud.com/kaustavde/sets/remixes-and-reworks

A playlist consisting of reworks , remixes and mashups of modern day music. I cater to not one but many sub-genres of electronic music.

My collaboration with Vanessa Bradshaw. A progressive trance track to please your ears. :)

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