Thailand DJ and producer Startron already made huge moves in the dance music community at an early age.a middle-class family in the Ubon Ratchathani (Norteast of Thailand), Startron his goals as a kid and started exploring instruments like the bass-guitar, guitar and drums. Nowadays he combines his musical background and his abilities to create progressive and electro house to push boundaries by mixing sounds from different genres of music. Not playing by the rules and letting go of the conventions within genres is what makes Maurice a fresh new talent in the scene.

It didn’t take long before other artists recognized his talent. Within a year after releasing his first track he signed to Flash Finger’s imprint Discovery Music(Korea) as their First Thailand Artist as well as joining the Discovery Music team in 2015. From then on, he released a streak of hard hitting tracks like Rave and Metoer, earning him a following that acknowledges him for his own recognizable sound. In the winter of 2016 he released the long-awaited Shake Up All with South Diamond on Discovery Music again. The release was a huge success and Startron have many show on festival stages later that year.

Startron change genre from Bigroom to Dubstep on 2017, and produce and release many riddim music on 2017-2018, Startron’s work is getting him massive support from the dance music elite. His powerful and heavey basses also do well at festivals stages and clubs all over the asia. This year Startron had several Thailand tours and shows at festivals like 808, Together, Output and Warp. With many more heavey tracks and massive gigs coming up, Startron can only emerge in to a big name in dance music.


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Startron x Ninegod x South Diamond Present: Bass Therapy (Warp Music Festival 2018)

Startron China Tour 2017

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