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Stan Deep

Johannesburg, South Africa


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About Stan Deep

Young South African DJ/Producer.

I'm a producer/DJ from South Africa in a small town called Middelburg located in Mpumalanga. Growing up I've always had love for music and I used to play the keyboard at church and as I progressed with my studies the love and artistic network grew bigger it was when I got to University that I decided I want to be a musician. On my first year I opened a Social Structure (African Movement) at a university called "TUT" it was through this structure that I came across talented fellow students that later became friends. It was around this time that me and my other two friends started a house group called "Pepper Boys", the group consisted of me (Stan Deep), Bhekumuzi Mlimi (Mallet), and Nape Boshielo (Napeleon) who is currently pushing as an artist and has worked with many other artists in South Africa. As time went by we separated as a group and went our different direction because of the different taste we had in music, however are still friends and in touch. Alone I've produced EP's which are out on traxsource and Juno Download under a label called (Deephonix) and I work for an IT company. I am currently based in Johannesburg.


Mixing, Piano

Showcase tracks

Some of the work I've done and shared on Soundcloud.

A remix I did for Mzee Feat. Kampi Moto.

A mix I did earlier this year containing only my production and remixes I've made.