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I'm Esale Cletus Ejin, knows as Spy jaro, born in 5-may-1998 in a little town called sankwala by a trader call marbel babaly and a manager of SFC Nigeria call Francis Esale, I lived with my mom, and my Three others brother and one sister I'm from Nigeria Cross river state, in a town called sankwala in obanliku LGA, so I found my self as a talented kids who is struggling to be a better person in future, I'm a Good singer songwriter even a producer, but I still have that much skills to play football very well, that's why I find my self as a talented boy so I do produce some videos and direct them my self, right from my childhood I give my loyalty to Eminem, I love him just like a father, so I keep learning from him so bad l, that one day I'm going to be a great person too, then I have the girl that took away my feelings, her name is Dorcas Ashakia, I love her so much that I could give her my heart, she is my girlfriend, and I played with adidas academy in my hometown, I'm proud to be one of the best player


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