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Clinton Senzo Mbatha, Born in Mpumalanga , Hazy view (Sand River), Born on the 26th of June 1997. The second last born in the family of eight (8). Clinton is also known by his stage & production name “Spiro Beats“. Spiro Beats is a Music Producer, Sound engineer , vocalist.

His music career started in 2008, whereby he was inspired by his brother Denis Sizwe Mbatha who is a deejay. At the age of 11, Spiro Beats was the youngest known deejay in the area though he was not that much into deejaying, but the little knowledge that he had in deejaying contributed in his production.

Early 2009, Spiro Beats was introduced to fruity loops, which is a digital audio workstation by Proper Mzamani , therefore both of them had no idea of what the program was about, only to find out a week later that it’s a program that creates music and records music,
Spiro Beats began making beats on a daily basis, although he was not much of a producer that time but he was learning the basics of beat-making, “through hard work and dedication anything is possible” these are the words that influenced Spiro Beats to be more dedicated in Music Production at a very young age, although he was still in primary school and into music, but he school work was always up to date.

In late 2009, Proper Mzamani , His best friend came with the idea of writing their own music, although this was a bad idea at the time according to Spiro Beats but it laid a foundation of what he is today, they wrote their own song tittle “This Is Number One” this was a good song but it was never recorded due to lack of access to a recording studio and one other reason was that most of the lyrics in that song were taken from most popular tracks by Rick Ross , Lil Wayne.

Then Spiro Beats & Proper approached Proper Mzamani’s Brother (6.O Dgreez), with their very first song, 6.O Dgreez who was a Poet and a Rapper , One thing he liked about us was the energy and the spirit, But the song was not written in a proper manner. 6.O Dgreez taught them a lot about the music industry, in 2010 they formed their own group which was also joined by Tallboy Subzero.

In mid-2010 the group fell apart and they all recorded their very own first track where they featured the following artists (Vuvuza of Boom Squad, Freeman).
The track was produced by Mledge of Playboy Empire, where Spiro Beats was taught the actual basics of Music Production and Vocal Recording, Spiro Beats Looked up to Mledge interms of Music Production and everything about vocal recording and everything.

In 2011, Spiro Beats was not that much into beat-making due to the unavailability of a personal computer where he can create beats, but Spiro Beats took that time and sat down to craft his work. Later recorded another track where he was featured by Vuvuza, it was a very nice song though but the problem was that everytime they wanted to record a song they had to travel a very long distance.

In early 2012, then Spiro Beats bought Studio equipment and Deejaying equipment, Spiro Beats was more interested in studio not that much into deejaying and during the first days of his studio Spiro Beats met iThathu Kush who is also a producer helped Spiro Beats more about vocal recording , later signed his very first artist, Doup Major along with his group and they recorded a couple of tracks although they were not that good interms of the composition and mastering but they didn’t stop recording more songs because “they more you focus on something is the more you grow along with it”

Later signed freeman and they recorded a bunch of tracks together and signed S.kay along with his music group and late in 2012, Spiro Beats signed Mickey Dreamer of Boom Squad and they recorded an EP together which consisted of a hit track “Uthen nge kaslam” which was recorded as a diss track but it became a hit track forgetting that it’s a diss track.
Mickey Dreamer went for an interview at Ligwalagwala fm to talk more about his EP (One step left to Success). Despite the fact that they were not that popular but the interview made people to recognize the work of Spiro Beats and Mickey Dreamer,

In late 2012 and early 2013, Spiro Beats started to approach other music producer to get their own opinions about his work, along the way he met Slow-Digit and
other producers such as George Beats, Spiro Beats was influenced and inspired by George Beats when he heard “We Takin’ Over {Prod. By George Beats}”

Myles&808’s was also another trap producer, that he met online they shared everything in common regarding Trap Music and Trap Beats, they also collaborated on a beat together.
Spiro Beats therefore crafted his work and decided to do a different type of music which was not that popular “Trap Music” and Spiro Beats produced his first trap beat which was later recorded by Busta Mcqueen and Viper, although it was not that bad from a beginner of this type of music, Spiro Beats produced countless tracks for local artists who travelled long distances to have a session with him

In 2014 Spiro Beats signed Tronik and taught him about the music industry the very same way he (Spiro Beats) was taught. Motivated him and made him aware of the trails and tribulations he might face along the way as an upcoming artist.
They recorded a couple of trap tracks together and later signed Kid Mag and recorded “Obama Swagg” which became a hit trap track with heavy 808’s and recorded couple of trap tracks together and began to publish their songs in online platforms.

Spiro Beats produced a track for Fizzie Muntu – Iam mbhumbelo, which was downloaded over by 1 000 people and it became so popular meaning that people now wanted to know more about Spiro beats, most local artists began recognizing the work of Spiro Beats, they liked the way he produces his beats.
Through social networks, Spiro Beats’s work managed to reach other countries such as Nigeria, Congo ,Botswana, ethopia and in all other countries around the continent. Spiro Beats collaborated with producers from the above counties including “DoublefazeBeatz” from Nigeria which is a production team of which recorded the production trademark of Spiro Beats a female voice saying ”This is Spiro Beats”.

Spiro Beats signed King Deepar , who became one of his major artist because of his work ethics and voice regarding his contribution interms of trap beats , king
deepar was one of his good trap artist because together they know how to make a good trap song. They recorded so many tracks together including an EP Which was recorded in 2015 (Trap Mafia EP), King Deepar and Spiro Beats therefore decided to work together in everything that they do they work together.
Spiro Beats therefore decided to focus more into singing and the use of pitch correction (Auto-Tune) in most of his songs and recorded his trap track (Pay Me Up) alongside with Tronik.

Spiro Beats uses auto tune and sings on trap beats with heavy use of 808’s. this was one way to recognize the work of Spiro Beats or most of his tracks. Spiro beats recorded another track but it was a house track (Wenze so) featuring an upcoming artist (Geez), everywhere he perfoms people loved this song
And again Spiro Beats produced another hit track by Fizzie Muntu – Last Time which got approximately 5 000 downloads and people loves this and wanted to hear more from Fizzie Muntu and Spiro Beats because everytime they have a session at the end of the day, they come up with a hit.

In late 2015 Spiro Beats met Ticos van Trek who was popular in 2003 till 2010 everywhere you go you’d hear most of his tracks, Spiro Beats and Ticos Van Trek they are working together and Spiro Beats produced (Uthando) by Ticos Van Trek which is currently a popular house track and produced other tracks for him,
Ticos Van Trek is currently Spiro Beats’s Personal Manager, Publisher.

In 2016, Spiro Beats Produced one of the most trending , popular track by NyonganeMade (a group managed by Ticos Van Trek), they realeased “NyonganeMade – Level Up”, featuring Spiro Beats & Kasi Rolling also available in online stores (i.e iTunes).
Spiro Beats worked together with Tronik and they released “Running My City” , “Turn It Up” and also he worked with Proper Mzamani and released “Like You” By Spiro Beats which is an R&B track.

Spiro Beats produced “Oil Business by Oz” with heavy use of 808’s it’s a trap track and they worked together again and they released one of the most loved track together by Spiro Beats - #SingleLadieszone, also available online.
Spiro Beats and Fizzie Muntu worked together again in early 2016 they released one of the most highly rated trap track in Mpumalanga (Phuza Thursday) also available online and it got approximately 2 000 within 3 days.


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