Spiritual Harvest is an acoustic project which was born at Mabon 2015.

Fed up with the madding crowd, the founder, Miguel Delgado, asks to his very best friend, Oriol Garriga, to join him as a drumer and percussionist, with good times and freedom as only reward.

They both embark into a very exciting journey with the idea of creating some kind of old and dark pagan folk music. Something under a higher conception:

“The music thrives on the kingdom of nature.
It drinks from the rivers and cries beneath the sky.”

For a while they sailed doing circles, but with time they learned to listen to the wind and together, they found land and won the favour of the trees.


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As fruit of a hard and patient work takes life, "A Message Of The Gods". A piece that easily shows the strong connection of the composer to the pre christian cultures. The hidden symbols on the lyrics, such as the crow as a harbinger of death or the deer as great spirit, king of earth and sun and restorer of faith and hope, are mixed to paint the spiritual canvas with magical colors that go beyond than meets the eye.

"The Necromancer" tells how the fear between the men is getting stronger after the breaking of the veil and how the black sorcerer plans to return again from the dead.

"The Golden Rule" is a peaceful and easy song with a very profound message about the human behavior. We are life energy. So, whatever we send to the others, it will find the way to come back to us. "Honor the light. Speak the truth. Never break the Golden Rule."

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