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'And when I wander away, to some other place
I'm suddenly there, way up in the air
Where passenger trains catch fire and fill the sky with flames
And that black rabbit of death
Wakes up in a breath, of beautiful dreams
My heartache it seems, so terribly vain
Where fire and diamonds fall like rain'

What a wonderful lyric by Owl City, I always like him, he had done so much good song and the lyric is so damn good.
The first time i know him was when the second album "Ocean Eyes" at 2009 which where one of my favorite song "Fireflies" was in that album. He also done a film soundtrack from "Wreck-it Ralph" which again one of my favorite cartoon on my life, and "When Can I See You Agin" is really good with that movie.
So i dont't know what to say about this track, but become one of contribution of his song was simply a "Lucid Dream" :D

Posted 2 years ago
Owned by Owl City


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DLong 2 years ago

Great job!

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Archie Clifford 2 years ago

I think there might be a decent remix here but I can't tell because it's limited so heavily it's distorted. Need to watch your levels dude

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Spectrum Music 2 years ago

Thank you bro, i do still really got a trouble with the mastering😂

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paskalis kenway 2 years ago

How do i like this ?

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Irvan Sungkar 2 years ago

So COOL!!!!!!!!!!


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