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Houston, United States

Shiboye Records

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If Channing Elizabeth Paul is the adroit, singer-songwriter with a gift for catchy melodies and playfully audacious lyrics, then alter ego, SoBE LASH, is the animated, out-sized personality that delivers these quirky arias with the electric verve and feverish energy of a crazed ringmaster. Born in southeast Houston, TX and raised on the soulful sounds of artists like Betty Wright, Patty Labelle, and Whitney Houston, Channing began to combine these influences with her love for 90’s pop music acts like the Spice Girls at a very young age. Though she often cites contemporary artists like P!nk and Beyonce as influences, she also frequently references the cutting edge pop music of icons like Debbie Harry of Blondie and “all time favorite” Michael Jackson. The attitude, confidence and musicality that is the common denominator of these successful pop acts pervade the SoBE LASH sound and image, however; she has built on these attributes by incorporating the slick swagger of hip hop and the raw energy of electronic, punk and dance.

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The Pretty Reckless


Feelings + Flights