Hiphop, dance and rock mixed with sequenced drum tracks, live (and sampled) guitars, provocative lyrics and attitude for days-SoBE LASH IS URBAN PUNK MUSIC. The sound is progressive and sharp and the underlying I-don't-give-a-fuck mentality serves as a noticeable nod to powerful, female punk and rock icons like Patti Smith and Joan Jett as well as innovative pop music contemporaries like MIA, Rihanna and P!nk. Her debut, The FreakShow EP (Shiboi Recordings 2012) demonstrated her aptitude for seamlessly integrating the best from the realms of hiphop, electronic and pop music for a sound that is as unique as it is fun. The follow-up recording, The Breakdown EP (Shiboi Recordings 2013) built on the sound, incorporating fuzzier guitars, bigger drums and more lurid tales of drunken debauchery and recklessness. For the last few years, Houston, TX’s unsung heroine of fun, innovative, pop punk infused hiphop has been quietly dropping gems and making a name for herself in and around the Bayou City. Coming off of notable appearances at SXSW, Houston's Erotic Ball and other high octane events, SoBE LASH was intent on bottling some of that energy and mixing it with her signature boisterous style for The Pretty Reckless EP (Shiboi Recordings 2016), a new compilation of songs that are as loopy and energetic as her personality.


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