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I'm a 14 y/o Dance Music Producer,
It's almost been a year since i've been making music. and about this song:
When i started this Remix i tried creating Tropical House, something like Kygo. but later when i was just messing with some samples, i added some dubstep fills, and it surprisingly sounded good! so i continued working on it and again when i created the drop it surprisingly sounded more like Avicii! (Like Broken Arrows) and the toughest thing in this remix was creating the chorus, because like i said, i used some dubstep fills, so it was really hard for me to arrange them like that they sound perfect, but somehow i did that too!. and now i'm really happy that it's done and i'm finally submitting it and writing this description! i hope that you will it! :)
Snow Trop Music

Posted 6 months ago
Owned by The Naked And Famous


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Brainheart 5 months ago

Love your remix man If you have time please check my remix I think you are going to love it. https://skiomusic.com/thebrainheart/the-naked-and-famous-everybody-knows-brainheart-remix

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Tolwoud 5 months ago

hey! I love your remix, it really catches the vibe! if you would like some in depth feedback message my instagram @tolwoud_official. it would also mean alot of you could check out my remix! best of luck!

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Samuel Glaser 5 months ago

I think i made better remix https://skiomusic.com/samuel-glaser/the-naked-and-famous-everybody-knows-samuel-glaser-remix


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