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Montreal, Canada

Bass, Dubstep, Dubstep Hybrid

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Official record label of Snails. "Starting a label is a project I've had in my mind for a long time now," he tells Billboard. "Not only being able to control my releases but also being able to have a vision attached to my music is very important to me. I've always wanted to share my personal artistic vision and build a family around it. I've released with many great labels throughout my career and am excited to bring a new experience with Slugz Music. Not only in an artistic way, but in a professional way as well." Similar to how he treats his artist project, Snails assures fans that "there will be no boundaries musically for the label." He continues, "I want to release music that really inspires me and is just as weird as me haha." The aesthetic of Slugz Music will take influence from his musical upbringing which includes old school metal, punk and rock n' roll. "I'm just really happy to be working with amazing artists and share my vision along with theirs," he says. "I want to put a story with every single release so it connects on a deeper level with listeners and that's the most important thing for me. I want to build with artists and help their music be heard by as many people as possible, there is so much unheard talent out there." SLUGZ Music will primarily host music by the label boss himself, but mentions fans should "be on the lookout for releases from some amazing artists in the future. I'm going to be very involved in branding and rollouts for every artist so it will take some time." SNAILS adds that he's also working on the new remix EP for his debut album, The Shell, in addition to putting together new merch. Now’s the time to get creative and show SLUGZ Music and SNAILS what you got. Ready to collab with one of the craziest Bass Music producers in the game? Grab a remix license and do your thing!

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