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we go through so many moments in our life. some are just normal time fillers, others are important and noticed, and others affect your future and you don't even know it. I've had a lot of moments this past couple years. in fact, my whole life has been made of them (ha ha. comedy gold) but recent ones have really stuck out. and i'm glad i've had them. they've grown me, changed me, and allowed me to write this song and even get the cover art. it was originally written on the piano, but i decided it would sound better with a synth. so i moved it :P but yeah. these moments make up our life and it's been on my mind a lot recently. these moments define the very essence of our life and time here. and i'm glad i've had the ones i've had. cuz they're good ones. I hope you make the most of your moments. and i hope you notice every single one. cuz they're so very important. one moment you could be here, the next you could be gone. so try to notice the importance of each and every one. they may not all be full of joy or love, and they're not all bad too, so pay attention, and notice. cuz this compilation of moments that is your life, will never be compiled again :)

this song was heavily inspired by ford.

YouTube! :D

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