PerkulatOr - Badman

Performed by PerkulatOr

E min
152 bpm
E min
152 bpm

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About this Song

Perkulat0r aka Ben Jamer was sent from outer space to smack the world with a fourth dimension of sound. Hailing from the suburbs of Vancouver, Jamer has made a name for himself with his soulful brand of intelligent beatmaking. Saucing listeners from the feet up with his signature soundscapes, lush with weaving melodies and dripping with delicious bass, Perkulat0r has delivered his take on multi-genre bass music to audiences at festivals across North America. With upcoming tours in Canada and the States Perkulat0r continues to melt eardrums with a dose of outer-space gangster soul like no other. Ready to remix this track? Grab a remix license on SKIO, download the stems, and submit your final mix!! : )

Posted 1 year ago
Owned by Sleeveless Records

15 Stems

All Drumsperformed by PerkulatOr on Drums
All FXperformed by PerkulatOr on Synth
Analog-Tearout Bassperformed by PerkulatOr on Bass
Bass-Buildperformed by PerkulatOr on Bass
Cymbalsperformed by PerkulatOr on Drums
Drum Loopperformed by PerkulatOr on Drums
Dub Guitarperformed by PerkulatOr on Guitar
Dub Pluckperformed by PerkulatOr on Guitar
Dub Trumpetperformed by PerkulatOr on Brass
G-Funk Bassperformed by PerkulatOr on Bass
Kick + Snareperformed by PerkulatOr on Drums
Main Dub-Bassperformed by PerkulatOr on Bass
Reverb + Delay Sends_Returnsperformed by PerkulatOr on Synth
Sub-Bassperformed by PerkulatOr on Bass
Thrifty Padperformed by PerkulatOr on Synth


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