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When I heard the track I didn't want to change anything drastically so I turned to the vocals first and put some extra effects on there to make it sound like some of my original stuff.

Then I managed to come up with a melody with my original synth sound and layered Pan Flutes to give it that 'Tropical' Summer vibe. After I did that the rest of the song just for together, I added a little synth orchestra in the background to give the chorus some 'umph'.
I only used 5 of the original stems overall because I want it to feel like another version of the song not a completely different one.

Posted 3 years ago
Owned by Lauv


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Meow 3 years ago

Hey Man we very much love your remix !! Don't hesitate to come and listen to ours, tell us what you think :)

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Fellix 3 years ago

Hey, I have listened your remix. I think it is great. I wish you best. You can check my remix and let me know what you think ;) https://skiomusic.com/fellix/lauv-i-like-me-better-fellix-remix


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