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Tree hugger. Bass player. Part-time ninja. One time raver. Dad with a day job. Beard. Weird.

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HOSHE MAMBA (REMIX) FEAT. LONDON ZULU Remix of 'Hoshe Mamba' by London Zulu. Produced by yours truly using Propellerhead Reason (August 2014). (c) Copyright London Zulu & District 6 Music. All rights reserved.

HARD TIMES (can you dig it?) Produced using Propellerhead Reason 6. Vocal samples borrowed from 'Hard Times' by Pablo Gad. Live bass by yours truly (May 2012).

GOOD DAY (feat. Donnie Ozone) Produced using Propellerhead Reason (May 2013). A Crooklyn-Madchester collaboration. Lyrics and vocal by Donnie Ozone.

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British. Fiendish. Ticklish.