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I started out just testing why my kicks were so lacking on the low end with some of the drumsk (it was a soundcard issue xD)
but the drum beat i made i thought was really dope, and then the other elements just came one after another and it all fit so perfect,
like it was ment to be arranged in this way :D

This is the first Lofi Beat i have ever made and must say it turned out pretty good !
I Used Halftime and Grossbeat to rearrange the melodys to my liking and also Fl Studios Delay 3 to crank up the low Lofi feel.
There is more automation is this beat then ive ever done before, and i feel it shows !
First time ive had so much space between the 808s but in this beat it felt nessecary
i didnt think that melody could fit with the guitar melody and flute, but it all blended together so perfectly in my oppion atleast :D
The Best beat ive made to this day !

Posted 10 months ago
Owned by skeetzoO



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