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- "Hey guys, I think I've discovered the new Beatles. Or Oasis!"

+ "Are you serious?"

- "Yes! And now that guitar music is back, we're going to make some crazy lot of money with them!"

+ "Just please don't spend it on drugs like the last time when we discovered The Arctic Monkeys...!"

- "The Arctic Monkeys? Who the f*** are Arctic Monkeys? The only band I know now is Sin In The Flesh! "

+ "Okay Mark, we trust you".

- "You should beware, Mike. Noel Gallagher is gonna shit his pants...!"

And the future began.

Posted 10 months ago
Owned by Sin In The Flesh


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dambro 10 months ago

WOW!! Nice track! Would you listen my indie song? :) https://skiomusic.com/dambro/dambro-hear


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