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Simtox, real name Simo Mbete was born in Engcobo, a small remote town on the southern part of the Eastern Cape in South Africa not very far from the home of the world icon Nelson Mandela. He grew up in a village and he started loving music from a young age, by age five he had already identified his  favorite stars, the likes of Lucky Dube, Lazarus Rarude, Paul Ndlovu, Yvoune Chakachaka, Brenda Fassie and the like. He always showed interest in music an has always been fascinated by how music is magically made. He grew up in a community that loves music and as he grew up he started learning more music from his older cousin that used to be a taxi driver before he got fatally embedded on a wheelchair by a very terrible accident. So since his cousin used to travel a lot to and even had a stay in places like Johannesburg,  Cape Town and Durban he got to learn good music. So Simtox spent a lot with his cousin getting inspiration from stories he would hear from him and that's how he got to associate music with events. He grew very interested in music as he got older, he would shadow DJs at parties. He got exposed to house music during the mid-90s when it was called "disco music" and he grew to love deep house in 2003 when he moved to Durban and since then he started fantasizing about making music. His musical journey then begun a few years later when he had joined the army and had started playing around with a Dj software. He started getting complements from friends that he was making good mixtapes with one of his mixtapes going viral around the country,  being listened to by people who didn't even know who made it. He then luckily met a friend who had a music making software that was very happy to teach him how to make music and since then he has never looked back. His music has been enjoyed by his fans from around the world, he has made a few remixes like "Watcha Gonna Do" by Teddy Douglas ft Margaret Grace and "Music Is The Answer " by Black Coffee and Ribatone.  This young fellow is by no means doubtable that he is going places, so watch this space.


Composing, DJing, Editing, Mixing, Remixing

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