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I've been wanting to share this track for a pretty long time now. It means a lot to me so i'm happy to finally release it! ^^
I hope you enjoy! ^^

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Vocals by Snow Ghost:

I don't usually go out this late at night,
Spilled alcohol on my shirt.
When i see your face i just wanna cry,
You left me in the dirt.

I don't want you to call me this late at night,
Stop trying and just go.
I gave you my chance so girl please don't cry,
You can't save what you've already broke.

Look into the mirror,
See your body shiver,
Just admit it girl you can't control yourself.

I see a broken mirror,
An image of a fire,
Girl we can't control this broken fantasy.

I see shattered illusions of your face,
I don't know what i will do.
Wanted to take it slow but we picked up pace,
I don't where i will go.

Look in a broken mirror you'll see my face,
A broken man Who has No goals.
The sound of your voice takes me to a special place,
So please talk to me just once.

Look into the mirror,
See my body shiver,
I admit it now i can’t control myself.

I see a broken mirror,
I see a raging fire,
Boy we can’t control this endless misery.

I don't know where to go i haven't been here before,
I'm begging down on my knees.
I want you so bad i can't let you go,
Girl listen to me please.

I’m on the final straw i think i’ll lose myself,
If you don’t come back to me.
The bottles are empty i can’t do this by myself,
I just can’t let you go.

Look into a mirror,
A hopeless body shivers,
I can see it now i won't control myself.

I see a broken mirror,
A never ending fire,
My life doesn't matter if you're not with me.

Posted 10 months ago
Owned by Sam Hexo



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