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This song was written in the midst of the lockdown, a family crisis and the Black Lives Matter movement taking centre stage. During this time I found myself in a deep depression, trying to help my friends, my family and the BLM movement, sometimes frustratingly to no avail. The chorus hook "Lost On You" applies to my siblings who "didn't want to get involved in politics", my father who repeatedly refused help to deal with a sever gambling addiction, and to friends who needed to embrace change in their lives but were pushing back. All of these situations created a melting pot of passion, frustration and disarray which culminated in this song. You Get Me is has multiple meanings; literally my friends and family got me trying to help them, they didn't "get me" due to their ignorance and stubbornness, and the London slang phrase "You get me" meaning 'do you understand?'.

Posted 1 month ago
Owned by Silas Armstrong


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Silas Armstrong 1 month ago

I'm still working on the mix but I'm happy with the song structure, lyrics and arrangement. This song kind of wrote itself early one morning when I couldn't sleep. I wrote all the lyrics in bed at 5am, and by 6am I was laying down the chords I could hear in my head. I love it when a song flows out of you like that.


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