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Shawn Patrick

Sioux Falls, United States

Shadowlight Music

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About Shawn Patrick

Composer, Producer, Engineer, Sound designer.  Seeker of Truth.  Graduate of Full Sail University.

Born in Lincoln, Nebraska, Shawn Patrick McMahon is a modern composer and producer whose expression spans across multiple genres and styles.  Although his favorite role is as a mix engineer, he is also proficient at music production, songwriting, composition, arrangement, orchestration, sound design, and as both a recording and live sound engineer.  
Shawn has always had a passion for music, especially it's role in films.  Beginning in elementary school he began playing trombone and drums.  At 13 he wrote his first song.  By 19 he had taught himself piano and begun writing original compositions.  It was around this time Shawn discovered his love for recording and mixing and became consumed with learning the art of music production.
Shawn cut his engineering teeth running sound and assisting at various churches of all sizes in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. In addition, he has operated a modest project studio equipped with Pro Tools since 2003, recording dozens of projects and producing hundreds of songs, spending more than a decade developing his ears, style, and skills with multiple major DAW's including Logic Pro, Reason, and Live.  
In 2012 he decided to pursue his dream of becoming a professional composer and producer by enrolling at Full Sail University where he received his Bachelor's degree in Music Production in 2015.  His chosen career focus is Film and Production music.
Shawn’s forte is collaborating with other talented artists and writers to produce music that is fresh, innovative, and meaningful.  Whether it is an emotional piano instrumental, a laid back R&B groove, or a rhythmic Dance track, Shawn aims to create a tangibly poignant sonic landscape that can in some way touch the mind, heart, and soul.  
At his core Shawn believes in developing trust, and therefor success, through honesty and communication.  
His core values are truth, excellence, quality, professionalism, compassion, love, and peace.
Shawn is registered with BMI as a songwriter and composer.


Composing, Drum Programming, Mastering, Mixing, Piano, Recording, Remixing

Showcase tracks

Remix I did for a recent contest for  Kutt Calhoun.  The record is called "On My Own"  All music written, performed, and produced by myself.  I believe I only used the vocal stem on this one.

A remix I did in 2013 of the main record "Roar" for the film Monster's University by Disney.  I used the vocal, bass/lead, some hats, and maybe some other drums from the stems provided to keep true to the original groove of the song.  I then layered them in with my own custom sounds and played with the structure a bit, adding a few new parts as well.

This is an original composition and school project I did last year for Advanced Music Composition class.  It is a rough "board" mix of my final project.  Composed, performed, and produced by me.