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I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and try new things, and this track is clearly the reflection of it. Throught the production of this track I have learnt a lot of new sound design techniques, mixing and mastering tricks… This is very meaningfull for me because I am pretty new in this music production world and it is very important for me to keep learning and progressing every day.

This track starts with a piano melody that really gives the listener a first view of the track's mood, I was kinda inspired by Far Out's new track ending piano melody. Then inmediately after comes what I like to call as a Break or prebuild, where there's a subtle mood change as the chord progression varies a bit. For the drop, I had the "Less is more" mentality, which is extremely opposed to my style (which can be seen in my remix of California by Charlotte Cardin).

That is all here, It was an honour to remix this one, hope you like it.

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