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So I was told by someone of.. I will say someone probably important, that I needed to stop using polyphonic textures... I had no idea what he was actually telling me, as I had yet to learn anything outside of my own experimentation with music. I thought he meant I was using too many layers, as would be the initial response from most people that have been told that I'm sure. And having taken, and passed honors appreciation, I know am fully aware of the mistakes I was making... I was then told that when using poly-rhythms, you cannot use a swing rhythm with anything that is not swing, and have it sound right... So here is a polyphonic track that uses a 4/4, with an adjusted 6/8, my own term, on top of a swing rhythm, that is being passed around as well as the counter-point melody, between the different track... I don't feel it sounds off at all. And Donna Sakana means kind of fish, Cause what kind of fish sings Doh a Deer in C Minor?

Posted 2 years ago
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